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  • Best Poker HUDs – Reviewed & Rated

    Best Poker HUDs – Reviewed & Rated

    Did you had at least some idea that more than 95% of winning poker players utilize a HUD? We could venture to guarantee that all independent internet based poker tycoons have utilized measurements or HUDs somewhat. As a poker player, you generally need to have an upper hand over your rivals at the tables. Whether…

  • eSports players turned into poker pros

    eSports players turned into poker pros

    Did you know a large number of the popular poker geniuses had a comparative kind of profession and personality in the realm of eSports? No fortuitous event screen names like WCGRider or ForTheSwarm allude to various cutthroat games like Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2. Poker had considerably less media consideration in the start of 2010…

  • Poker Hands in Movies

    Poker Hands in Movies

    As poker fans, don’t we simply cherish observing high power, high-stakes poker activity in large financial plan Hollywood motion pictures? Do you research ‘the best motion pictures on poker’ or ‘best all-time films on betting’ occasionally? On the off chance that it’s an ‘Yes’, we propose you continue perusing this article since we’re taking a…