Pairs of aces and eights

Video poker with Aces and 8s

Aces & Eights is a widely played variation of video poker at online casinos.

Jacks or Better is the source of inspiration for Aces and Eights, another video poker game. This game is so popular due to its astronomically high RTP, with the highest pay table returning 99.78%.


If you appreciate games that provide excellent value for your money, consider purchasing this game if you haven’t already.

Three primary reasons to play Aces and Eights


For good reason, video poker is one of the most popular casino games in the globe. There are so many variations and themes available that participants have an abundance of options.


Aces and Eights is a novel spin on the Jacks or Better pay table, but it is just as entertaining, if not more so, than Jacks or Better.


Why should you play Aces and Eights instead of another video poker variation?


Superior RTP

With a return to player percentage of 99.78%, it’s no surprise that Aces & Eights is a popular game among gamblers worldwide.


Rapid and Energetic Gameplay

Once you have memorized the paytable and the optimal strategy for each hand, you will be able to play swiftly and efficiently.


Strategic Reflection

Each hand presents a unique circumstance, and you must determine how to extract the most money possible from the hand you are dealt.


Big Bucks

Due to the game’s rapid tempo and high RTP percentage, you can exponentially increase your account balance with a little luck!

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How to Play Online Aces and Eights Video Poker

Online video poker is straightforward to play. Within minutes of following the instructions below, you will be playing your first game of Aces & Eights. This is how:


Choose your wager for Aces and Eights: The majority of video poker variants accept “coins” as wagers, so choose an amount that is comfortable for you.

Play your cards: To obtain your five cards, press the “deal” icon.

Choose which cards to “keep” and which to “discard”; see the section on Poker Hand Rank for guidance on which cards to strive for.

Get Paid: Collect your winnings after receiving your final hand. If you get the perfect hand, you can win astronomical amounts of cash.

Pairs of aces and eights Video Poker Rules

Aces and Eights is a variation of the video poker game Jacks or Better. Despite the fact that there are numerous variations and pay tables, the principles of each video poker variant are essentially identical.


Ranking Of Poker Hands

All video poker games require a fundamental knowledge of Texas Hold’Em poker hand rankings, including royal flush, straight flush, etc. If you are unfamiliar with this hierarchy, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the highest-paying hands.


The rewards for Four of a Kind (aces) and Four of a Kind (eights) are the most significant distinction between Aces and Eights and Jacks or Better. Jacks or Better does not have this type of special payout, as it is considered the ancestor of all video poker games.

Pairs of aces and eights Hand of a Corpse


Generally, the “Dead Man’s Hand” is a two-pair poker hand comprised of black aces and black eights.


It stems from Wild Bill Hickok’s legend. The legendary gambler and folk hero of the Old West was reportedly slain while holding a pair of black aces and eights.


Aces and Eights Paid

As is the case with all variations of video poker, various online casinos may employ different pay tables for Aces and Eights. The optimal variant of Aces and Eights utilizes a “full pay table” similar to Jacks or Better’s 9/6 paytable.


The full payout table presupposes that the online casino is offering a version of Aces and Eights with the standard return to player.

Commence Playing Aces And Eights Online!


Participate in Aces & Eights at authorized casinos.

Aces and Eights is a game steeped in history and legend, with gritty cowboy origins that contribute to the game’s setting. You can now experience the fast-paced and dynamic gameplay without the risk of being murdered in a saloon and from the comfort of your own home.


The online casinos for real money listed on this page are reliable and fantastic options for those seeking to try their hand at Aces and Eights. If you require assistance with strategy or gameplay, feel free to keep this article open and consult the paytable as you play.






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