Slot Overview of “The Last Sundown”

No one knows for sure what the future holds, but plenty of individuals are eager to make educated guesses. One hopeful outlook is the Hegelian one, where thesis begets antithesis, leading to a higher, richer synthesis, and where the world or Spirit, as he viewed it, ascends to a larger level, in a process of self-realization. On the other hand, one may imagine a dystopian future where a cataclysmic catastrophe has reduced society to a Mad Max–esque struggle between warring clans for survival in a post-industrial wasteland.

The Last Sundown, a video slot game created by Play’n GO, delves into the latter possibility. Siblings Rae and Devin must work together to defeat the villains Tuco and Lauro and prevent the arrival of The Last Sundown. It could be the soundtrack to any number of movies, but immediately I thought of Kevin Costner’s Water World. However, instead of being set in the ocean, The Last Sundown is set on dry ground, its sandy terrain drenched in a flaming orange and populated by the shabby, broken-down remains of civilization. Like Las Vegas in Blade Runner 2049, where a dirty bomb detonated and blanketed the city with radiation, rendering it uninhabitable for humans. The Last Sundown initially resembled a combination of the Nolimit City slots xWays Hoarder xSplit (without the humor) and Infectious 5 xWays.

The game’s 5-reel game grid is located smack dab in the middle of this barren environment. Typically there are 3 spots on each reel, however symbols can split over reels to create anywhere from 243 to 7,7776 possible combinations. Three matching tiles must fall from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel for a win. Play’n GO gives the probabilistic outlook an 8 out of 10, while the RTP is calculated at 96.2% with the standard settings. Always double-check because the result might be adjusted downward. Oddly for PnG, the lowest possible wager is 10 p/c on a £/€50 stake for a single spin.

Play’n GO has ditched the traditional slot machine images like poker cards and instead substituted a random assortment of five guns for the lower paying symbols. A cyborg dog, Tuco, Lauro, Rae, and Devin make up the higher-value tiles. Depending on the amount of paylines in play, premium symbols might be worth anywhere from 1.2 times to 5 times the wager. The wild can appear anyplace except the pay symbols, and it will substitute for any of them. Independent winnings created by Wilds are valued up to five times the initial wager.

The Final Set: Slot Extras

The future of The Last Sundown is straightforward, including only two optional elements. One of these is a feature called “Splitting Symbols,” which appears at any point in the game. The other is free spins.

Symbols Broken Apart

The Splitting Symbol feature can occur on any spin of the base game. When triggered, the splitter symbol is determined at random. When this symbol appears on the reels, it will divide in two, giving you twice as many chances to win.

Bonus Turns

If you get 3, 4, or 5 first aid kits anywhere in the main game, you’ll win 8 free games and a payment of 5x, 10x, or 50x your initial wager, respectively. One pay symbol is designated as a splitting symbol at the outset of free spins, while another ordinary pay symbol is picked for collecting. The collector is incremented by one every time the selected symbol for that collection lands. More symbols can be converted into dividing symbols throughout the duration of the feature the more you gather. For each weapon, you’ll need six, for each character, five, and for the wild, four. When you finish a collection, you unlock the new dividing symbol and three more free spins.

Judgment in Slot, Final Sunset

The Last Sundown is the sequel to Play’n GO’s Shimmering Woods, although it has significant gameplay improvements over its predecessor. The Last Sundown’s window decorating is more darker and gloomier than that of Shimmering Woods’ crystals in the forest motif. Maybe this will help The Last Sundown reach a wider audience, maybe not, but it fits the game’s slightly riskier nature, and Play’n GO has presented it in their own way.

When the collecting mechanism is functioning properly, the gameplay and features are deceptively simple yet highly effective. Since The Last Sundown lacks cascades and the win multiplier seen in Shimmering Woods, you’ll need to build up your momentum in the collecting feature more than usual. In Shimmering Woods, the number of scatters that triggered the free spins feature determined how many splitting symbols the player would receive at the beginning of the feature. In The Last Sundown, where everything is for sale, you won’t find any of that. Similar to the final water source on a contested plot of land in the far future. The Last Sundown offers a bigger maximum win amount than the preceding game, 36,000x the stake, with a one in a billion chance of being hit if the collecting does go smoothly.

There are some parallels to what Nolimit City is accomplishing right now, with its expanding collection of forks and branches. Of course, this is just supposition, but it’s possible that Play’n GO is on a tighter timetable than its opponent, which may explain why The Last Sundown isn’t as feature-rich as its rival. While The Last Sundown’s intense gameplay is worth experiencing, other players may prefer a less tense environment in which to take it all in.






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